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Real Estate Marketing with Drone Photography

Real estate marketing with Drone Photography Are you a real estate agent or developer in Colorado Springs looking for a way to stand out in the competitive market? Look no further than drone photography! Utilizing drone photography in your marketing efforts provides a unique perspective on your properties and set you apart from the competition. Drone photography will capture stunning aerial views of your properties. This includes the surroundings, natural landscapes and panoramic views that Colorado Springs is known for. Drone [...]

Real estate photography and market conditions

Real estate market Real estate market conditions change constantly. We've seen homes sell ridiculously fast and we've seen homes take months to sell. Statistically, we know that professional real estate photos help sell homes faster. Redfin has a great article on armature vs. professional photos here. However, what is the underlining goal of professional real estate photos? The bigger picture behind hiring a professional real estate photographer is your brand. Regardless of market conditions, as a real estate agent you are [...]

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