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  • Real Estate Drone Photography Colorado Springs

Real Estate Drone Photography

Real Estate Drone Photography Real estate drone photography offers many benefits in all aspects of marketing real estate. Whether it’s a residential home, vacation rental, short term rental, apartment, resort, or commercial project. Marketing with drone photos gives you additional visual references to present to your prospects to create a clear picture of the property. Drone photos give a unique perspective of the property and its surroundings. Well done drone photography showcases the property in context, giving the prospects an impressive [...]

  • Headshots Colorado Springs

4 Key Steps to a Great Headshot

Headshots come in many styles. Traditionally, headshots would be a close-up, shoulders up to the head. Today we see more bodies, hands, and waists in a headshots. Many realtors want exciting/confident headshots. Young entrepreneurs prefer a more natural, realistic look. Corporate headshots are posed, with a solid background, typically the same color for everyone in the company. Background, pose and outfit all play an important part in a striking headshot. Likewise, the sphere who sees the headshot is an important consideration. [...]

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