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Photography has many genres. Real estate photography is just one of them. There is also product photography, family photography, landscape photography, fashion and model photography, studio photography and photojournalism to mention a few. A photographer can specialize in any type of photography. Each genres requires a different experience and skill set to work at a professional level.

Stan Grossfeld, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist, had an article in the Boston Globe a few years ago “Advice on taking knockout real estate photos from a Pulitzer-winning photographer”. Stan’s photojournalism is phenomenal. However, you’ll notice the photos of the home posted in the article are not what we expect from a real estate photographer. Walls and windows should be vertical, not converging on an angel. Shadows should be even and the room well lite. Windows should be clear.

I’m not taking away anything from Stan’s brilliant work when photographing wars or famine-affected children. His images are haunting and amazing. He is one of the best photographers in his genre of photography.

My point is the skills required for the genre a photographer specializes in.

Real estate photography skills

“Point and shoot” is not a skill when photographing a home for sale or rent. Photographing real estate is a very technical form of photography. To perfect this genre of photography you must practice behind the camera. Learn to light any room type, study composition and then learn to edit your images to create a pleasing and inviting photo.

Experienced real estate photographers make the process look easy. They should. They’ve practiced and perfected the skill like any other professional.

Use the right photographer

In Colorado Springs, the real estate market is demanding. Because of the demand, buyers expect to see realistic images of the homes they are browsing online. Sellers expect their home to look it’s best online. Cell phone photos of a listing says a lot about the listing agent’s professionalism. When you need photos for your listing, vacation home or any type of real estate, hire a professional photographer with the skills and experience to photograph real estate.

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About the author : Jim Jones

I use my years of experience and technical knowledge to bring a calm and professional approach to photography. My goal is to produce clear and creative images that build respect and brand awareness for my clients.