Project Description

What’s your style?
What’s your passion?
What’s your personality?

Ready for a fun and exciting senior year? Senior portraits are the classic way to showcase your style, passion and personality at this milestone in life. As a result, our senior portrait sessions are designed to bring out your uniqueness.

How we work.

Are you concerned about being photogenic? Don’t be. I know that senior portraits are notorious for being awkward and sometimes cheesy. Stiff poses, cheap backgrounds, bad lighting etc. Because of that, we’re going to coach you in a model like session with tips, directions, jokes and some awesome results. So the images will be natural, complementary and unique. Above all, be yourself. To sum it up, you bring yourself and we’ll bring out that personality.

What to wear?

Everyone wants to know what to wear for a senior portrait. Firstly, this session is all about you. Secondly, you should feel relaxed in your outfits. Most importantly, we photograph seniors in a variety of outfits that suite who you are. In short, whether you like all black, rainbow colors or a cap and gown, we’ll make it work for you.

The sessions are done on location. For example, Garden of the Gods, a river or an outdoor scenic place we choose together. In addition, we encourage you to bring props that define you and your journey in life. Certainly bring the family and your buddies. We’ll incorporate some fantastic images of the whole gang.

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