What do you do when marketing a new listing? Do you do the basics of marketing, or do you provide an extremely powerful campaign to create attention for your listing?

Gary Vaynerchuk, a real estate marketing expert, talks about marketing to extremes in the video below. (There is some strong language in the video, it’s not for children). You can learn more about Gary’s marketing ideas here.

This is a great quote from Gary’s video:

“One of the things I’m obsessed with is extremes. If I started an event business, if I was like in the blow-up castle business to rent to bar mitzvahs and birthdays, what I would do tomorrow is go to China and make the most extreme castle of all time. Like a 900 foot castle! Because what’s happening in our society right now is it’s minimalism and it’s extremism.”

Gary is spot on with that assessment. When we look at content on social media, powerful and extreme marketing campaigns go viral, not boring same ole campaigns. People share fantastic content that is wild and striking, making some ads get millions of views.

Gary also says:

“It’s the club dynamic. Why do clubs right now have, when you order the champagne, the sparklers come out? People want attention. They’re not buying the champagne, they’re buying the attention.

… Don’t live in the middle. The world is getting pulled that way because of the internet. The middle is bad.”

When it comes to marketing, you don’t want to be mediocre. You’ve got to go crazy or quietly. One extreme or the other. Average is no longer good enough.

Why is this important?

Because as a real estate agent or agency, running a campaign, you want attention. You may not have sparklers in your champagne bottles with real estate marketing, but to stay away from mediocre you must create something that brings attention.

Most marketing of real estate is done in the middle, average or mediocre. The middle differs from place to place, but it’s still the middle ground. Some areas of the US may find cell phone photos middle ground marketing. Other areas would find that type of quality the extremely low end.

You can find the middle ground for marketing in your area by looking at 10 to 20 new listings in your MLS. What are most agents doing with their property descriptions and photos? Once you’ve found the average, it’s time to decide if you want to be ordinary or extreme. Gary Vaynerchuk would say:

“Don’t live in the middle ground alongside the majority of local real estate listings.”

Instead of being ordinary, consider going to the extreme so that you can stand out and get attention from as many buyers and sellers as you can in your area.

How do you stand out with extreme marketing?

Start by knowing your market and what other real estate agents are doing. Go above and beyond with above average photography and killer videos. If daytime photos are average, then do quality twilight photos. If agents don’t do videos of their listings, then be the first to start a trend with visually striking videos. Those are just a couple of ideas, there are more ways to get the attention you need in your marketing.

Does this apply to every listing?

Your efforts and the attention you get from your marketing become your brand. The more you are known as the extreme marketer who gets the job done, the more word of mouth leads you’ll get from the people you have successfully served. Bottom line answer is no, there may be some properties that need a quite campaign. You’ll have to decide how changing your approach will impact your brand in those cases.

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