Real estate clients need more love

I’m always watching videos about business, attitudes and leadership. I found this video from Steve Farber, founder of The Extreme Leadership Institute. From his perspective, love should be more prominent in all businesses, including real estate sales.

The video is long, so I’ll pull out some quotes and some of my thoughts on the subject.

What’s love got to do with it? (I know, silly, but I had to do it).

At 9:19 in Steve’s interview he makes an interesting point:

“We want love in every aspect of our lives – and then we go to work, and it no longer applies. It doesn’t make any sense. This idea that business is a purely rational endeavor, but we know it’s not.

. . . If business involves both the emotion and rational thought, then why would it include all emotions except love?”

We’re trained early on to approach business, and the interactions we have with other people in our business, as if they are sterile and unattached and impersonal.

What makes us think that is the right way to do business? Wouldn’t engaging with people as people be a higher level of interaction?

After giving this some thought, I have to wonder if it comes from experiences with supervisors and employers where conversations were uninteresting and impersonal. People at the top don’t get personal in most cases and the fun people become more reserved as they rise the corporate ladder.

Great leaders have shown us it doesn’t have to be that way. Understanding that business is a person-to-person engagement, putting some emotional skin in the game, is the only way to truly feel you are making accomplishments.

This is another quote at 16:50 from Steve’s interview:

“Leadership requires a connection of the heart. Because what we’re doing as leaders, regardless of our position or title, is we are striving to change things for the better – to change our piece of the world for the better and eventually the capital ‘W’, the whole wide world for the better, in the broadest possible sense. And it’s the heart that drives us to do that. It’s the heart that creates connections between people. This is what we need to do as businesspeople.

… This is not an easy thing to do … but operationalizing love, taking the experience of love and weaving it into the way that we do business, is hard work.”

We love what we do. The passion we have compels us to do the best we can, so the world is a better place. The trouble we have in business is that we often push that passion aside because it seems out of place or inappropriate.

What’s “love” in practical terms?

“This is about raising the standards, not lowering them, (but) raising the standards, holding ourselves and the people around us accountable to those standards, but if we’re really coming from a place of love then we’ll do all that with kindness. The minute we lose kindness the love evaporates.”

Steve is talking about changing our attitude to “love first”. Meaning we work to provide a better product and better results for our customers and clients.

Do you strive to be the best real estate agent, the best interior designer or best builder? When we sincerely love and care for our customers, nothing short of our best effort will be enough.

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