Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

When you’re browsing the internet looking at homes for sale, what impression do you get when you find a photo that is dark, or the windows are washed out? Maybe the kitchen is cluttered, toys in the family room and beds are unmade. Do the photos make you feel like you’ve found your new home, or do they communicate the home is unkept and uncared for?

Colorado Springs Real Estate Photography

With homes in the same price range, people will compare the photos and the price. Will photos that are balanced, straight and clear communicate the same value as photos that are dark, washed out and cluttered? Probably not. As a buyer, would you be excited to see a home with poor photos or would you think about seeing it when you got around to it? What about photos that a sparkly and shiny? Would you want to see the home right away before its gone?

Do photos communicate value?

The photos can also have an impact on what a buyer offers. With poor photos a buyer may consider the seller has low expectations. They might also assume the real estate agent doesn’t believe the home value is correct since they passed on getting professional photos.

Buyers get all types of impressions from your real estate marketing. They get an impression of the listing agent as well as the home. The listing photos are a major factor in the first impression of you as a professional. If you have poor photos, would a potential buyer see you as valuable alia?

Bad photos are not always intentional or a way to save money on the part of the listing agent. Sometimes agents use poor photos because they don’t know the difference between a good photo and a bad photo. That is just a matter of education. Talking with a professional real estate photographer is the best way to get that education. I talked about the different photography genres in a previous post. Be sure you’re getting advice from a real estate photographer with experience.

Colorado Springs real estate photographyReal estate photos communicate to people. They are the visual experience of online marketing. The quality of the photos will make a difference in the sales price by communicating value to potential customers.

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