Project Description

Stunning weddings don’t have to be complicated!

Weddings are filled with emotion, love, happiness and joy. That is to say your wedding is unique. Likewise your photos should be one of a kind. Photos filled with emotion, joy and love.

What we do.

Using a photo journalistic style, our instinct and interaction with your loved ones allows us to capture that secret smile, the proud father, grandpa flirting with grandma or your niece dancing in the sunlight. Meanwhile, you get to enjoy your family, friends and celebration without distraction. Additionally, we’ll do some classic photos, but quickly get back to the real and emotional activity of your wedding day. As a result you have more time to mingle, hug, love and enjoy your wedding day.

What do you want?

Are you looking for classic photos or do you want photos that portray the of moments happening on the best day ever? Images that capture the expected, unexpected, spontaneous and extraordinary. Above all, the real memories and emotions of your wedding day. That includes the humor, connections, conversations and sometime tears. Imagine a story captured in photos of the genuine activities happening on this special occasion.

With Effective Photography the big picture story of your wedding day will be captured so that you can relive those moments and emotions for years to come.

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