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Real Estate Drone Photography Colorado SpringsReal estate drone photography offers many benefits in all aspects of marketing real estate. Whether it’s a residential home, vacation rental, short term rental, apartment, resort, or commercial project. Marketing with drone photos gives you additional visual references to present to your prospects to create a clear picture of the property.

Drone photos give a unique perspective of the property and its surroundings. Well done drone photography showcases the property in context, giving the prospects an impressive view and sense of area and neighborhood. You can also showcase property features such as solar panels, a new roof, or a spectacular outside a window. High-resolution videos done with a drone create a story filled with ambience in a cinematic fashion, immersing the prospect into the property allowing them to visualize themselves living there.

Visual aids are key to marketing real estate in today’s world. Real estate drone photography rounds out the standard point-of-view photos by adding dimension and context for online viewers.

Drone quality for real estate photos

Like cameras and lenses, the quality of the aerial drone makes a difference for your real estate drone photography. Thankfully, there is a happy medium in affordability vs. quality when it comes to drones. One of the best articles I’ve read about choosing a drone comes from Bob Villa, What to Consider When Choosing the Best Drone for Real Estate.

               “One of the primary considerations when choosing drones for real estate is the quality of their cameras.”

While there are several factors to consider when doing professional drone photography for real estate, the quality of the camera is very important. Mr. Villa talks about not needing an image larger than 12 MP for online use. However, for print advertising, post processing and video, a much higher resolution is required.

Real estate drone photography Colorado SpringsDrone performance is also very important. For real estate drone photography in Colorado Springs, an aerial drone must be manageable in windy conditions. The drone camera must be stabilized with a 3-axis gimbal to maintain quality photos and videos in wind between 15 to 20 mph.

Commercial licensing to fly an aerial drone

The commercial use of national airspace is governed by the Federal Aviation Association (FAA). Aerial drones do not get an exception to FAA policy. A professional photographer makes money with a drone, making their use of airspace a commercial enterprise. The FAA does not govern the personal use of a drone.

The FAA requires an individual to be a licensed drone pilot for the commercial use of a drone. It’s called Part 107 certified pilot. While a Part 107 certified pilot is not trained to fly a jet airliner, they have studied and tested to confirm they understand basic pilot knowledge. Things like wind effects, aerial maps, aircraft weights, rules and regulations.

For real estate drone photography in Colorado Springs, it is imperative that your drone photographer have a valid Part 107 license. The airspace in Colorado Springs is covered with public and military restrictions. No one wants the increased liability when operating a drone for real estate photos.

Real estate drone photography in Colorado Springs

Every state and city in the US has its own set of rules and regulations when flying a drone for real estate or any other purpose. Colorado Springs is no exception. The Colorado Springs drone laws apply to both licensed and unlicensed pilots.

These are the Policies and Procedures for the City of Colorado Springs – click here.

Real estate drone photography in Colorado Springs is a productive and effective tool that serves both sellers and buyers. Marketing with drone photos should be an integral part of your presentation.

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