Headshots come in many styles.

Colorado Springs HeadshotsTraditionally, headshots would be a close-up, shoulders up to the head. Today we see more bodies, hands, and waists in a headshots. Many realtors want exciting/confident headshots. Young entrepreneurs prefer a more natural, realistic look. Corporate headshots are posed, with a solid background, typically the same color for everyone in the company.

Background, pose and outfit all play an important part in a striking headshot. Likewise, the sphere who sees the headshot is an important consideration.

Adobe has a very clear explanation on what a headshot is in The art of headshot photography article.

A headshot is a greeting. Headshots need to give the viewer the sense that they’re meeting someone, in a professional context, for the first time. Seeing a headshot should feel like an introduction that complements whatever text or context it’s paired with. A headshot makes a LinkedIn profile more than just a list of work experiences and a professional profile more than just a list of skills and interests.

Some questions you should ask yourself before the headshot session:

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        1. What message about yourself do you want people to receive?

The key to a great headshot is the mood or emotion you want to communicate. Is it happy, cheerful, confident no nonsense or more warm, understanding and inviting? Maybe you are cheerfully inviting or happily warm. Confidence, happiness, approachability, intelligence, and even mischievousness’ are all moods and emotions we see in a great headshot. Whatever the message you want to portray, know what it is before your session.

2. What does your outfit say about you?

Your clothing is a big part of your message. Colors and fashion tell your story. Keep your message in mind when deciding what to wear. Always wear well-fitting, clean, and neat garments. Wrinkles and stains are not a message most people want out there.

  1. Choose a background that sticks to your message?

Indoors or outdoors, the background color(s) are important. They should not be distracting or taking away from the subject. However, the background should enhance the message you want to communicate.

  1. What platform will the headshot be used on?Colorado Springs Headshots

Headshots are not just for business cards and hanging on the wall at the office anymore. I recently photographed a podcaster who needed different expressions to insert into their videos. Every social media platform wants a headshot from you. Inter-office chat platforms want a headshot, online job applications want you to upload headshots. Like the podcaster, some people need multiple headshots for different platforms. It all depends on how the headshots are used.



What to expect during your headshot session?

Getting a great headshots can be overwhelming to some people. A good photographer will build a rapport with you prior to the shoot. They will ask lots of questions and get to know you on a personal level. Likewise, you will get to know them. The relationship you build helps keep the session relaxed and fun. The both of you want your personality to shine in the headshot.

For examples of headshots I’ve done, click here.


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I use my years of experience and technical knowledge to bring a calm and professional approach to photography. My goal is to produce clear and creative images that build respect and brand awareness for my clients.